• Bocas


    Photo: Red Moon

  • Dry Barrel Bluff Beach

    Dry Barrel Bluff Beach

    Photo: James Vybiral

  • Tiger Tail Isla Colon

    Tiger Tail Isla Colon

    Photo: Paki Gale

  • Marriage in Zapatilla Island

    Marriage in Zapatilla Island

    Photo: Panama Creative Services

  • Isla Carenero

    Isla Carenero

    Photo: Vista Azul Andrea Kent

  • isla bastimento

    isla bastimento

    Photo: Courtesy of Red Frog beach

  • Carenero Island

    Carenero Island

    Photo: Spanish by the Sea

  • Zip Line Red Frog Isla Bastimento

    Zip Line Red Frog Isla Bastimento

    Photo: Richard A. McIntyre

  • Big Creek Bocas del Toro

    Big Creek Bocas del Toro

    Photo: Angel Alonso

  • Surf and the nature

    Surf and the nature

    Photo: Joan Bergmans

  • Silverback Bastimento

    Silverback Bastimento

    Photo: Jeremiah Klein from Surfline

  • Bocas View

    Bocas View

    Photo: Jason Will

  • Mangrove


    Photo: Islandboyzart Leon Barros

  • Playa Bluff

    Playa Bluff

    Photo: Paki Gale

  • Passiflora Vitifolia with flag bug

    Passiflora Vitifolia with flag bug

    Photo: Bev Moore for Finca Los Monos

  • Playa Bluff

    Playa Bluff

    Photo: Surfing Magazine Corey Wilson

  • Sloth


    Photo: Red Frog Beach

  • Marina of Red Frog Isla Bastimento

    Marina of Red Frog Isla Bastimento

    Photo: Red Frog Beach

  • Bluff Beach Sailboat

    Bluff Beach Sailboat

    Photo: Angel Alonso

  • Isla Colon

    Isla Colon


  • Turtle Beach Red Frog      Isla Bastimento

    Turtle Beach Red Frog Isla Bastimento

    Photo: Courtesy of Red Frog

“Visit the Islands of Bocas del Toro, It will take your breath away”

Welcome to the official Bocas del Toro website

It is difficult to express in a few words what you can feel when you visit the Bocas del Toro archipelago. Only some places around the world keep this particular atmosphere, seductive, primitive and unforgettable. Bocas del Toro captivates its visitors because of its amazing vegetation, its biodiversity, its ancients customs: it is a real biological fantasy…

This is the ideal moment to visit these islands, to time travel and get lost in one of the hundreds of wonderful places that you can enjoy. It is a unique place to find yourself; its lush tropical vegetation, fauna only found in this part of the world, opportunities for diving and snorkeling the unbeatable Caribbean ocean, the possibilities and opportunities for an amazing experience are unbound. With an indescribable and overwhelming natural beauty, added to the great combination of races and ethnicities, living in harmony with indigenous, Western Caribe peoples, Latino’s and extraneros, Bocas del Toro is not just a beautiful archipelago lost in time, blessed by nature -- Bocas del Toro is an example of coexistence and multi-cultural respect for everyone. Welcome to Bocas del Toro archipelago …..you will be amused and amazed, tempted beyond belief and for certain you will to take with you priceless memories of a different world. Enjoy your life….. Enjoy Bocas del Toro! Welcome to an unforgettable vacation.

This is the official site of the archipelago of the Provincia of Bocas del Toro, Panama. Here, you will find all the required information to plan the vacation of a lifetime. Our team is open to provide any further information that you may need. Email us at info@bocasdeltoro.com

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