Solarte Island

This island of about 8km2 is located just a few minutes by boat from Isla Colon, and offers a totally different atmosphere to the one lived on the main island. A small community inhabits the western part of the island, the rest, apart from some lodge that you can find on the south coast, is pure jungle, where you will find an endless number of exotic plants and lovely animals.

Isla Solarte is also a historic place in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro. When the United Fruit Company was established here in the latest years of XIX century for the exploitation of banana fields, the mortality rate was very high in the islands due to yellow fever and malaria. This caused many of the workers to fall ill and many died. Thus, in 1899 they began to build a hospital on the western tip of Isla Solarte. This was inaugurated in August of 1900 and was expanded during the following years to cover the needs that were emerging. Finally, after a plague that made banana plants sick, the company moved to the interior of the continent, and with that, in 1920, the hospital was closed.

Today, Hospital Point is one of the best diving spots in the entire archipelago. In the waters surrounding this emblematic point, you can enjoy a show of colors unimaginable. Hundreds of tiny fish that move between beautiful coral reefs will make you lose track of time while enjoying an incredible snorkel. Just a little further in the sea you will find a wall 20m deep, perfect for Scubadiving practice (in Isla Colon there are different agencies that organize this tour). Along the entire south coast of the island you can also find different points for practicing both Snorkeling and Scubadiving.

Another of the great attractions of this island is the different routes that you can hike to cross the island from one end to the other. You only have to equip yourself with good boots and enough energy for about 2 hours of adventure, mud and enjoyment.

Finally, we want to always remember that respect for the environment is essential for the conservation of each species that inhabit the place and which we will enjoy during our stay on the island, so do not forget to bring everything back that arrived with you, and enjoy a pure and wild experience.


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