Forest Trekking


The interior parts of the islands are filled with jungles, but hiking these areas is still not a very organized activity in Bocas.  There are not many paths, which is one of the beauties of Bocas, still so much untouched land pristine and pretty. For the adventurous, tourist it is possible to take hikes within the forest borders, and there are some paths on Isla Bastimentos between the sleepy town and some of the beaches.

Inside the island of Bastimentos, within the Marine Park, is one of the more popular forests because of the diversity of its trees that are loaded of with partner plants, giving you an incomparable opportunity to witness the beauty. Other islands share this richness of unexplored forests, but Popa and Cayo Agua stand apart from all the others, even though there are also  forests on  Isla Colón (Mimitimbi and Big Baight), in San Cristóbal and on Solarte. Some of the wildlife found in these forests are endangered species like the painted rabbit, the green iguana and many types of howler monkeys like white-faced, spider and nocturnal.

The one place you can find footpaths built with tourists in mind is on the Major Zapatilla Key, within the Bastimentos Marine Park, and is called "The Forest behind the reef ".

In island Bastimentos it is possible to walk the forest from the Community of Salt Creek to Long Beach can be trekked, or vice versa. Even though its route is not easy or short, it is worth a visit.


This footpath is used regularly by the members of that Ngobe indigenous community. In Bahía Honda (Bastimentos Island), in Popa and Cayo Agua communities, it is possible to arrange a villager as a guide to cross the beautiful forests of those islands. Remember, Popa Island it is the only forest where they will be able to observe toucans. In the near future, the construction of new footpaths will begin in the Indian communities to aid the hiking visitor. In all the cases it is recommended to use guides from the neighboring communities to hike in the forest, to avoid any accident.

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