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Not just an airline - a travel company with wings. if the one-of-a-kind experience, gorgeous views, fun planes and excellent service don't get you, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes that make nature air your top choice for travel in Costa Rica.
Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, our flights are far from your average mile-high experience. Have you ever witnessed the crater of an active volcano from a bird's eye perspective, or spotted towering waterfalls in the heart of the jungle, perhaps never seen before from the ground? This is why we skip the overpriced peanuts and lulling inflight movies. Why spend long hours on Costa Rica's poor and lengthy road system when you could have your feet in the ocean in under an hour?
Our domestic flights are a perfect and efficient alternative - they are sky high tours on route to your next destination, revealing a side of Costa Rica that few people ever see, and don't forget, on Central America's fastest growing airline, your flight is always carbon neutral!
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Nature air's back-story starts in 1990, when two alaska bush pilots founded travel air. The original owners had a handful of routes to select tourist destinations in Costa Rica. Meanwhile, a consulting company called naturegate was working in Central America on sustainable tourism projects. The naturegate team worked on tourism projects in beautiful destinations, but without an adequate transportation infrastructure.

In 2000, while working on a project in Costa Rica , the naturegate team found out that travel air was for sale. With over 25 years in tourism development, the naturegate team and a select group of costa rican aviation experts formed nature air.

The Costa Rica airline started opening new landing strips and new frontiers in costa rica travel . ngo teams, researchers, ecologists, environmentalists, foresters, and adventurers of all sorts were the first to travel costa rica on nature air.

Then, nature air expanded to new vacation spots in central america . This opened the way for scuba divers, swimmers, surfers, individuals, newly-weds, and families from around the world to swim with dolphins, make faces at monkeys, see a scarlet macaw in flight, witness the flapper dance of morphis butterflies, glide down a jungle river through a gauntlet of egrets, and fly through a complete circle rainbow without ever touching the ground.

These are the guys and gals who have transformed Nature Air into the premier central america airline for eco tourism and central america travel: our passengers.

In 2004, Nature Air became the first airline to compensate for 100% of its carbon emissions from flight operations. We do this through a local compensation program, certified by the government and international third party auditors. Nature Air has chosen to support reforestation and conservation programs to help combat the impacts of deforestation in Costa Rica. 

For six years in a row, Nature Air has been proud to operate with the highest on time performance (otp) of all airlines in Costa Rica. Our industry leading otp of plus 90% is impressive when compared to the industry standard of 72% and our competition at 55%.

We know you have a vacation or a business meeting to get to and we make it a priority to get you there on time. this is one of the reasons why the best tour operators worldwide and corporate accounts choose to only fly with nature air.
For 20 years, nature air has been flying both regular scheduled as well as private charter flights throughout central America. Nature Air is Costa Rica’s only certified part 121 airline, the highest level of certification of any airline that offers both scheduled and charter operations. We are also the only airline to be certified as a maintenance facility by civil aviation. 
Our history of fine service and reliable and safe operations make us the exclusive charter operator of the finest hotels and most respected corporations and tour operators worldwide.
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