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posted by Carlotta Garcia de Ahumada
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We are in high season of waves in the Caribbean and with it, Bocas del Toro makes it the epicenter of the whole Surfing panorama in Panama. The waves are awesome and the surfers do not stop arriving, with them the islands are full of good vibes and the events and competitions make weekends a reason to celebrate everybody. On 14 and 15 January took place in Paki Point and Paunch the First Valid DST Paki Point Cup 2017, which marks the start of the season for the third consecutive year for the youngest. And this coming weekend, we welcome the First Valid of the National Surfing Circuit Sovereign JCS Cup. From we have had the opportunity to chat with two of the most Important representative persons of surfing in Panama. Raúl Stanford, Director DST (Discovering Surfing Talents) and Alirio Carles, President APS (Panamanian Association of Surf), have shared with us some highlights of the last event and upcoming ones, and have commented on why Bocas del Toro is the mecca of surfing in the Panamanian Caribbean. The First Valid DST Paki Point Cup was one of those remaining weekends in the memory of all. Raúl Stanford comments "it was epic, the event that best size and quality of waves we have had in five years that will meet DST, with waves between 5-7 feet and offshore winds throughout the day." In addition the level of all participants was exceptional. He adds, "All the boys behaved Height, demonstrating a rise in his surfing level, both in maneuvers and in courage and bravery.” All this, coupled with the warm welcome that the islands always give, made this date one of the classic STDs, said Raúl. This weekend, as we mentioned earlier, we celebrate the First valid of the National Surfing Circuit Sovereign JCS Cup and is expected to be an event as successful or more if it fits, than the previous one. Expectation cannot be less. As Alirio Carles says "Bocas has become a mecca of surfing, which has world-class waves. In addition, Alirio adds, "It's a complete package, Bocas offers the opportunity to compete in Caribbean waves, tubular, fast and very maneuverable, which requires a particular skill (...) and also allows the surfer experience a Caribbean paradise of transparent waters, enjoy amazing food, and live the Bocas Town lifestyle that we all love." Increasingly, Bocas del Toro is becoming a point of reference in the world of surfing, and no wonder. The waves and the different spots are of an amazing quality. Beaches like Paunch, with its tubular wave, "allows athletes to take their surfing to the highest level" and Bluff Beach, "is a wave that gives a lot of strength with tubes that have an extreme verticality", says Alirio. This also makes it possible to carry out here the Bodyboard competitions. Also the level of local surfers is getting louder. Taking home, between others, Juampi Caraballo, National Champion, and some of the most promising "Groms" of all Latin America. Brothers Gale Grani, Kai (12) and Teo (11) are respectively, DST Champion 2016 and selected world, and Champion DST 2016 Sub-10. These three athletes have grown and developed their full potential in Bocas, which demonstrates the good work that is being done on the islands with the most talented young people. Each event held here is an opportunity for all our Youngers to be able to enjoy and participate in a great weekend, as well as "measure themselves in their own backyard to the best surfers in the country without leaving home" says Alirio Carles. Raul Stanford, also comments "it is important to give all locals the opportunity to have an event of high profile, with the best junior surfers and children of Panama." For our part, we are delighted to continue receiving each season and more assiduously this type of events, since they make the archipelago, the focus of surf tourism, enhancing local talents as well as a sustainable development of this paradise called Bocas del Toro. We can only remind you that tomorrow you cannot miss the best event that`s on the island, at Paunch Beach and Bluff Beach, you will enjoy the best surf and unbeatable setting!

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