Bocas is Love! FANLYC in Bocas del Toro

posted by Carlotta Garcia de Ahumada
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 This week we have had the pleasure of receiving the organization FANLYC (Friends of the Child with Leukemia and Cancer Foundation) in Bocas del Toro, this non-profit foundation is dedicated to helping children with cancer, covering drug costs and treatments, supporting the different programs that are organized as well as monitoring each child. We have also been fortunate to have a conversation with GyL Ledezma Ducruet, an event planner at the foundation, who has been telling us about the experience of Bocas by the boys and girls, and about the program being developed. "The program consists of a summer camp that is carried out every year with children between 11 and 18 years old," says GyL, "every year we take them to different destinations that make them value the meaning of life," he says. This year they chose Bocas del Toro and "for many of the boys it was the first time they saw the sea or they went up in a boat", for all it has been a fantastic experience. The project has been focused on love, using the maxim "Bocas is love" have tried to show children they have reasons to go forward, have also worked on the healing power that can have the mind and have enjoyed every moment , "Making them see that they have everything they need to be happy," says GyL. Of course the work done is wonderful, and it's been 16 years doing the Summer Camp, which gives the opportunity to all these boys and girls to know and learn in different places in Panama. From we want to make known this magnificent project, to thank the time that they have shared with us in the islands and to remind them that they are always welcome! Thank you friends for being an example for each of us, we hope that these days in Bocas will be a beautiful memory among all your adventures, we are already waiting for the next! To the community of Bocas del Toro, and to all those who are visiting the archipelago, we invite you to visit ( and learn a little more about this great organization. Donations will be of great help and will continue to provide the opportunity for a large number of children to move forward in life.

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