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Swan Key

When Christopher Columbus arrived in Panama from Costa Rica, the first place he visited was Boca del Drago, entering what is now known as Admiral Bay (or Caribaro by the indians) via the channel that separates the main land from Colon Island. Today, this region of the archipelago is an attraction for tourists. There, you find beautiful beaches at the tip of the island and shady trails to walk. Coral formations beyond the beaches attract the snorkeller. Just a few minutes by boat, toward the open sea is Swan Key, a bird sanctuary that attracts the beautiful and unique tropic bird, with their snow white color, long tail and orange beak, the funny looking boobies, the graceful frigates, those thieves of the sea, and the clever pelicans. Seagulls too make the island their place of stay.

Only boobies and tropic birds nest on Swan Key, the former making their nests everywhere on the ground. For this reason disembarking on the island is not allowed, nor recommended. Should you still have time up your sleeve, cross over to the main land and make the the short trip up the Soropta Channel, an artificial way built by the banana planters to transport their products along the coast. Today this channel, which goes through the San-San Pond Sack Natural Reserve, is used only by locals and tourists.






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