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Your trip to Bocas would not be complete without seeing the sights. Unlike many other travel destinations, Bocas Del Toro does not have museums, art galleries or historic buildings.  It is about the people, the cultures and the islands, nature at its best.With so many things to choose from, you could spend a week and still not experience all that is our wonderful archipelago. Begin in the morning with a slow boat ride over the clear water to one of the beautiful beaches.  Stop along the way to experience the coral reefs and sea life while snorkeling in the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea. Sail through Dolphin Bay and with a little luck see the animals feeding and playing. A stop for lunch at Crawl Key and then a short trip cruising the mangrove islets of the Marine Park, ending your day visiting Bastimentos town with a view of the Colon Island and Carenero Key. Look for special tours that will take you for visits to the indigenous villages scattered around Bocas Del Toro. Salt Creek and San Cristobal can give you a taste of how the Indian Tribes live in harmony with the land. A pre-arranged boat tour can take you to one or all of these places, with many more tour options to choose from. There is something for all tastes!  A popular trip will take you to Solarte, to snorkel or dive at Hospital Point. A half day can be spent at Red Frog Beach, with the boat taking you to the Red Frog Marina and returning for you a few hours later.  Here you can relax on the beach, play some volleyball in the sand, or be adventurous and take the canopy tour through the jungle. If secluded beaches and jungle walks is what you are seeking, a boat can be reserved to take you to Cayo Zapatillas where you will find privacy and tranquility. Another great tour will take you around Isla Colon to Starfish Beach where you can relax in the shallow waters catching glimpses of the brightly colored sea stars that paint the sea floor. From there the boat will travel around Bocas Del Drago with a short stop to watch the many species of birds at Bird Island. Of course there alternatives to boat tours.  You can choose to remain on land and explore Isla Colon. Both Starfish Beach and Bocas Del Drago are on Isla Colon, and a bus or taxi can take you for the 30 minute trip where you can relax with the calm waters. For those who are on the athletic side, rent a bike and pedal your way, taking a refreshing dip in the sea when you arrive. Bicycles are a good way to see Isla Colon and all of its beauty. Bike out to the best surf beaches on the island, Playa Paunch, and Playa Bluff. Whether you are a surfer or just like to watch, these are the best places to do it. You can spend your day, lying on your back watching white-faced monkeys, or surfing the waves. Bluff Beach with its distinctive bright orange sand is also a marine turtles nesting beach, where conservation groups work during the nights, in season, to preserve nests and turtles from predators, which is an activity open also to tourists. Take a day to explore the Botanical Gardens where all types of native plants and flowers are on display, watch the Blue Morpho butterflies play at the Butterfly Gardens, or put on a headlamp and crawl through the bat cave known for its beautiful grotto.


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