The Beaches

The Beaches The beaches of Bocas Del Toro are beautiful, fascinating and unique. There is a beach for every taste here, peaceful, fun, beautiful, tranquil, adventurous and isolated can all be found within the island chain. Looking at a map of the Archipelago, you will notice two different regions each one with its own characteristics: the interior, where the coasts of the islands are bathed by waters of the Admiral Bay or the Chiriqui Lagoon, and the outside, facing the open sea.  The inner zone has some coasts that are occupied by mangroves and are teaming with wildlife, while the outer portion boasts rocky beaches and cliffs that are the predominant ecosystems. In fact only two of the main islands, Isla Colon and Isla Bastimentos, along with both Zapatillas keys have coast to the open sea.On these coasts are located some of best beaches of the region: Bluff Beach on Isla Colon, with Wizard and Long Beach in Bastimentos and the very small but beautiful beaches of both Zapatillas keys. The vegetation bordering these beaches mainly is made up of small plants, shrubs and trees, jungle or rain forest.  Bocas Del Toro has a beach for you!