Super Gourmet

Super Gourmet

Welcome to Super Gourmet’s Delicatessen, 

The Bocas Deli!  


Super Gourmet is a full service delicatessen offering a wide selection of meats and cheeses to a specialty sandwich board and freshly made salads since 2001!!!  Their ‘Heat n Serve’ selection includes shrimp bisque, chicken & veggie curry, meatballs & chicken cordon bleu.  Breakfast options range, from homemade yogurt & granola to muffins & quiche.  Super Gourmet supports Bocas local market in everything from locally crafted coconut soaps and lotions to locally farmed and roasted cacao nibs.   Panama is rich in tropical fruits and vegetables that aid our artisans in producing a variety of hot sauces, marmalades, spice blends and delicious healthy snacks like coconut chips & trail mixes.

Talented artists work with different mediums in Panama to bring you and your families at home locally produced souvenirs on sale at the Super Gourmet. They are constantly sourcing innovative local products to share with the tourists and residents in Bocas del Toro.

Soaps, oils, chocolates and coffes are some of organic product introduced by Super Gourmet to the Island.


Why Coffee and chocolate in Panama? Best Panama Coffee at Super Gourmet

Coffee needs the perfect climate and environment to grow and flourish and Panama’s got it! Our mountains near Boquete provide an optimal temperature for premium growth year round. The precipitation patterns in Boquete, located in the Chiriqui Province in the center of the country come from the Pacific side between May and December and from the Atlantic coast between December and March. The winds blowing over the mountains from the north, create a fine mist called bajareque that acts as a huge air conditioner ensuring that the ripening of coffee cherries is a slow process. This allows for a balanced bean with medium to high acidity, containing a variety of flavors from vanilla to citrus and more. The famous geisha bean flourished in this region putting Panama on the map amongst coffee growers globally.

At Super Gourmet, you can come in and taste different blends daily at our self service coffee station, or bring a bag home as a souvenir or gift for a loved one.
​At the Super Gourmet, you can find the largest variety of organic Caribbean artisan chocolate and cacao products. Raw cacao, nibs, bars, brownies and more. Visit the store and sample local products.
Pick up a treat to satisfy a craving and bring some home for your family and friends to try.


Fresh Vegetables

Super Gourmet loves fresh from the farm vegetables and celebrate each week with Organic Tuesdays & Fridays!

What is fresh and juicy and certified organic? Tuesdays & Fridays at Super Gourmet! They offer a full range of fresh vegetables, herbs, honey, fruit and more that are certified organic, sourced locally and beyond.  As is our delight & desire, at Super Gourmet are constantly sourcing more providers of organic product.
​Each week they aim to bring Bocas del Toro fresh arugula, bok choy, dandelion, lettuces, kale, collards, tatsoi, salad mix, chinese cabbage, mustard, beet greens, swiss chard and more. From farm to shelf, we are proud to partner with Panama’s organic farming pioneers of which there are now quite a few.


Please check the Great Super Gourmet Provision Service and will find all informations for your shopping on line!!!!!!!!


Hours of Operation:
Mon – Sat: 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.