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A Very Special Friend visiting Bocas del Toro: the Turtle!

A Very Special Friend visiting Bocas del Toro: the Turtle!

March 14, 2017

We are already in March and the islands are arriving some very special visitors: the turtles.

Over the next few months Bocas, like many other places in the world, will receive hundreds of these wonderful creatures that arrive here, the place that gave birth to them, to leave their eggs exclusively and continue their journey through the ocean.

Of course we should feel lucky to receive the turtles every year. These animals do not choose any place for spawning. Only those more remote and preserved beaches are capable of hosting such an event, and not for less. Turtles spend their entire lives in the sea, however, females when they reach sexual maturity come to lay their eggs on the beaches. These will be hidden for about 2 months, until the baby turtles are born and face the adventure of their life without any parental help. That is why the beaches they choose are always those where peace and tranquility are essential principles, and in Bocas we have a few.

In the islands, we are also lucky to have one of the most important turtle research and conservation organizations in the world and the oldest (Sea Turtle Conservancy), which has been of great help for the protection of turtles in the archipelago. This organization has been working in Bocas since 2003 and has been evolving throughout this time reaching and monitoring up to 7 beaches in the region. They are also responsible for developing an environmental education and outreach program focused on schools and the local community and that is paying off thanks to the constant work of its team. All this has made the number of turtles coming to the islands every year has increased compared to data from previous years.

In Isla Colon, Paya Bluff is the place chosen by the leatherback turtle (March-July) and Carey (April-October) for spawning. During the season some night tours are organized to witness this beautiful show. It is important to remember that this organization (STC) works giving top priority to the turtles and respecting their spaces with total rigor. So if you are looking for a magical experience while being respectful of species protection, STC gives you the best professionals to guide you through a wonderful evening.

In Playa Larga (Isla Bastimentos) and the Zapatilla Cays, a considerable number of Carey turtles also arrive every year. These beaches are part of the Isla Bastimentos National Park, therefore, respect for the place and the species that inhabit it should be maximum. These beaches do not receive tourist visits, however, if you are a true lover of turtles and your agenda allows you, then you should get involved in the volunteer program that STC offers and that will provide you with an on-site experience in one of the most serious and Important projects worldwide.

From we want to remind you the importance of the conservation of the species and the places where they live. We live and share a wonderful planet with millions of different species that are part of incredible ecosystems. We must learn to respect and care for these places so that future generations can enjoy this spectacular world. And we in Bocas want every visitor to enjoy the jungle and the beaches in a clean, healthy and respectful way.


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