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Bocas Beaches Meet Fashion Week Panama

Bocas Beaches Meet Fashion Week Panama

October 16, 2019

          What happens when a clothing designer, who has traveled the world to find inspiration, stumbles on to the sleepy islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama? She finds more motivation and a desire to leave the beautiful Caribbean archipelago a better place than when she found it. This is just what the lovely Andrea Villarroel has done since she has been in Bocas. And in conjunction with her work in the monthly Bocas Conscious Market (follow up article coming) she was invited in cooperation with other vendors from the Conscious Market to attend and showcase their work at…. Are you ready……. FASHION WEEK PANAMA. There, vendors like Revoluta, along with other Conscious Market participants will be exposing their creations in one of the festive booths.

            Fashion has been Andrea’s, (the founder of Revoluta) passion for a long time. Throughout her travels she has been inspired by many places and cultures. When she landed in Bocas del Toro a few years ago, she was seeking this same kind of inspiration. But what she found was more than just the desire to create fashion based on the people and their homeland, she found the need to be super conscientious about the delicate ecosystem that creates a paradise for the many people who long for a holiday on soft sandy beaches and turquoise colored waters. By taking her time, she was able to create an environmentally safe line of clothing by using fabrics she has found at second hand stores and donations received from residents. Her vision includes a world of fashion that creates zero waste. She spreads the word about her philosophy throughout the islands.

         One of the things she likes best about our little slice of heaven is the diversity of cultures. “Here there are so many cultures. You have North American, Central American, South American, European and even Africa is represented here.” She has fallen in love with the place and wants to have a way to give back. Since fashion is her passion, she has opened an Upcycling Sewing Studio in Bocas Town. There she does different kinds of sewing, like alterations. She also puts on workshops and has a one of a kind swimsuit collection where the buyer decides on the fabric and the type of suit, and it will be custom made just for that customer. Her newest creations will be displayed and on sale for all of Fashion Week’s guests to admire. Fashion Week Panama is big, and all of us at offer our congratulations to all of the beautiful Bocas people who will be attending this grand event taking place at The ATLAPA convention center, from October 17 to 19 in Panama City, Panama.

       While the beauty and serenity set Bocas del Toro apart from the rest of Panama, Panama City is an international hotspot. The sprawling metropolis has many of the best designers in the world selling their wares at upscale malls and independent boutiques. People from the around the world spend holidays in the busy Panama City located in one of the most breathtaking countries in Latin America. These visitors are celebrities, fashionistas and some of the wealthiest people around. You can bet that Fashion Week Panama will host many of these people. How wonderful that a taste of tranquil Bocas del Toro will be represented. Check out more about Fashion Week Panama at their website

         If you happen to be in Panama City on your way to Bocas and need something amazing to do, go find Andrea and her creations at her booth in Fashion Week. Best wishes Andrea!