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Isla Colón among the best islands in the world to retire

Isla Colón among the best islands in the world to retire

May 28, 2021

According to the International Living report, a couple can live comfortably on Isla Colón with B / .1400.00 per month. If you live alone, you will require B / .1,200.00.

A report by International Living magazine, dedicated to publications on travel, investment and retirement abroad, lists Isla Colón, in Bocas del Toro, as one of the cheapest islands in the world for an “affordable retirement”.

According to the report, which qualifies the tropical archipelagos of Panama as “one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean”, a couple will be able to live comfortably with B / .1400.00 per month; While if you live alone, you will require B / .1,200.00 per month.

Bocas del Toro is a chain of islands in the Caribbean Sea that represents the vibrant culture of the country. The main center of the province is the city of Bocas, a coastal area of ​​”brightly painted buildings and many on stilts over the water,” highlighted International Living magazine.


In this area of ​​the country water is the main focus: fishing, water sports and whale watching are just some of the popular pastimes for the locals.


Isla Colón is the most populated island in the province of Bocas del Toro and is home to some of the main destinations in the area, full of ecological wonders and beaches.

Best known destinations and tours in Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro can be:

Playa Estrella de Mar, a protected ecotourism destination, where you can also explore the Afro-Caribbean culture and food of the area.

Bluff Beach, where world-class surfing is practiced and local sea turtle conservation efforts stand out.

Paki Point, an area known for its tranquility.

Playa Tortuga, a resort with the largest oceanfront pool in the area, as well as the perfect beaches of Boca del Drago.

Best islands to retire according to International Living

In addition to Isla Colón in Bocas del Toro, the largest island of Vietnan, Phu Quoc, is included in the list of cheapest islands in the world, where a couple can live with B / .1210.00 per month; Penang Island in Malaysia, where a couple can lead a luxurious life with a monthly budget from B / .1,500.00; Caye Caulker Island in Belize, where a couple can live comfortably from B / .1,500.00; Koh Samui in Thailand is an island where expat couples live for only B / .1,500.00 per month, and if it reaches B / .2,000.00 per month, they will live luxuriously. This, according to International Living.


They also add Crete, the largest island in Greece, where the cost of living largely follows the cost of living in mainland Greece, which for a couple is B / .1,800.00 per month.

 International Living also includes the Mexican island of Cozumel, which has a cost of living per couple of B / .1,900.00 per month; as well as Isla Mujeres, also in Mexico, Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic, Roatán in Honduras, Mallorca in Spain, Malta, Ireland, and Ambergris Caye, where a couple can live comfortably on a budget of B / .2,000.00 or more.