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Cool, Comfortable and Fun Movies, Bocas Style

Cool, Comfortable and Fun Movies, Bocas Style

July 2, 2016

There are many ways to fill your day in Bocas del Toro, Panama. The island chain has miles of spectacular beaches, killer waves for surfing and crystal clear waters complete with thriving coral reefs that are perfect for exploring with a scuba tank or snorkel mask and jungles alive with adventure. And after a long eventful day there is nothing better than a wonderful dinner of freshly caught seafood and a cold local beer sitting over the water and watching the sun dip into the turquoise sea. Of course there is nightlife in Bocas including dancehalls, rum drinking and parties. But the excitement of the Bocas nights is not for everyone, and even the most professional of party goers needs a break once in a while, and thankfully there is a solution for the “what should we do today?” dilemma.

The delicious smell of fresh popped popcorn and a picture history of Bocas del Toro greets you as you walk in the door of Cine Café located just across the street from Parque Bolivar (Central Park). This is not your normal cinema. Over the last year Cine Café has evolved to become a place that locals and visitors love. The project was born from the owner’s, Antony Esposito, desire to create something that was needed in Bocas del Toro in the area of entertainment, with an authentic movie theater feel…. And most important goal was to give access to Bocas people to culture and art with foreign films and documentaries.

When they first started their biggest challenge was for people to understand the concept of freestyle movies, to get use to a place where you can choose your own movie and time during the day or night… Because this is Bocas and timing is not as important, and things move at a slower rhythm more relaxed place. So they bring a different way to enjoy a movie, and it has works perfectly for everybody.

Since they have two rooms filled up with cozy bean bags they can accommodate many people. Cine Café is open from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. and they have a printed book with literally hundreds of movies to choose from, kind of like a karaoke list. The first group of people who come in can pick the movie and the others that get there later watch the pre chosen movie. If the other room is free they can instead pick their own movie and enjoy. It is also possible to make a reservation for a certain time and certain movie, and then others who want to watch are welcome as well. They do private screenings also.

Cine Café has been rewarded by the love the community is showing them. It was different at first, having the local residents join them for a movie, (remember some of these Bocatoreños have only seen movies in their own home or at a friends), so it was important to not only give them the chance to have a real cinema experience but to teach them the proper etiquette. It has been great for both the owners and the community.

And it is not only about movies at Cine Café. Because of the way they have made their schedule, they also can host events such as birthday parties and baby showers. The rooms can serve as conference rooms for larger group meetings who have media needs. It is also the forum for the Smithsonian Research Station’s monthly documentary/discussions about the environment and the delicate balance of man and nature.

When you come visit Bocas and are wondering “what should we do?” remember Cine Café open daily from 3-11 You will love the cozy atmosphere, fresh popped popcorn, hotdogs, wine or beer the refreshing blast of a cool air conditioner and the comfort of beanbag chairs and of course a great movie with friends!

For more information, visit Cine Café’s Facebook page