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Is November 16 Bocas Day!

Is November 16 Bocas Day!

November 15, 2017

We are in the month of November and the festivities are happening all around the country. As every year during this month, Panama as a whole is immersed in endless celebrations, and this next 16 is the turn for the province of Bocas del Toro. 114 years ago, in 1903, just days after the separation of Panama from Colombia, Bocas del Toro was promoted as a province of the new Republic of Panama. Since then, every November 16th, different events and activities are held throughout the province, with Bocas Town as the capital of the largest celebration.

During the next few days in the streets of Bocas there will be a host of events. On the 15th, to start the festivities, the local primary schools will be performing with their respective bands and parades. At the same time, a competition will be held between all the bands that have marched that day. The following day, November 16, the anniversary of Bocas del Toro, schools and other independent bands from all regions of the province will arrive in Bocas Town to celebrate and participate in the grand parade and subsequent gang competition.

These are days in which every bocatoreño celebrates and feels proud to be here, also marks the beginning of what will be a new great season in the islands and the good vibrations you already feel. From invite everyone to join the celebrations and go out to the streets to enjoy a day of pure essence bocatoreña and support all young people who march and represent the different regions of the province.

You can not miss it, when the drums sound in the Caribbean and the bands march everywhere, you know that fun is guaranteed, and best of all, it’s that this has just begun!