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”Panamanian Reality”. Young talents. First Appointment

“Panamanian Reality”. Young talents. First Appointment

February 23, 2018


Bocas del Toro is a special and magical place, and as such, every year people from all over the world come to visit us, some are passing through and many others decide to be amazed by the scenery, its people and its way of life. Much has been said about all the foreigners who come to the archipelago, develop new businesses, expose their art and their ideas … however, we want to sweep home and show the talent and ideas of young Panamanians who are in Bocas developing ideas, exploring their talent and enjoying and making their land a better place.

We will start with Marcos Alvarez Mayrena, a 23 year old boy with an innate passion for photography. He was born in Chiriqui, between rivers and mountains, and since he was little he enjoyed immortalizing everything that surrounded him, as he himself remembers “taking pictures with a small cell phone”.

Over the years his family moved to Bocas del Toro, and Marcos was totally captivated by the magic and colors of the Caribbean. A new world opened to his eyes, but above all, a wonderful world was opened for him to be able to observe and explore with the aim of his camera. Later he spend some years in Panama City, where he went to study at the University, but the roots always pull, and more when they are Caribbean, so after 4 years there,  he returns to the archipelago “yearned for the magic of the Caribbean and its colors in the sky”

From we have had the opportunity to chat with him and know a little more about his work and how Bocas inspires him every day to continue realizing his dream and passion.

“One of the things that inspires me most is the sunsets and the reflection of the houses facing the sea” without a doubt, Bocas has landscapes that do not go unnoticed to anyone, it is wonderful and Marcos is an expert in immortalizing it!

The islands, in addition, offer endless activities, Marcos combines his infinite hours after the objective with perfect sessions of diving or surfing, what is clear is that you will always find it near the ocean.

We have also wanted to know his personal tastes in relation to the islands, and how can it be otherwise, come out some of the best spots in which we can all have a good time and enjoy.

When we ask him for a place to relax, has some doubt, so he leaves us three of his favorite places “Playa Bluff, Paki Point, or any beach of Bastiementos”, it is clear that he knows what he is talking about, and if it is a matter of having fun and surrounded by friends, it is clear “La Rosa Beach Cub, in Red Frog”

To finish, we wanted to know what he considers the best time to carry out a perfect photo shoot, and given the circumstances, it could not be otherwise “a sunset or midday on the beach, on a summer day. Nowhere where I know the sky connects so much with the sea, ” says Marcos.

From we want to thank and congratulate Marcos for the wonderful work he does and for the magical snapshots he gives us every day. And of course we hope you continue doing it with the same affection and enthusiasm for many years, we will always be loyal followers!, then we leave the link to his Instagram account, (mayrena_05) where you can see all the photos that he publishes about the islands and their corners and new web page still under construcion