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Going back to normal!

Going back to normal!

June 2, 2020

Photos are by @BDTProductions

In the last two months the Panamá government was forced to close the country, due to the COVID 19 Virus. The immediate closure caused many changes to the country, which was followed by strict measures being imposed to secure the health and wellbeing of the people within the borders of Panama. Which included a restrictive lockdown that limited people on time of day and which day of the week they were allowed to leave their home.

In this lockdown women were permitted to leave their home only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, whereas, men were limited to only Tuesdays and Thursdays. The hour that allowed an individual to leave their home for essentials was determined by the last number on a citizen’s ID card or for non-citizen was determined by the last number on their passport. Unfortunately, Saturdays and Sundays were reserved for full stay at home orders. As well as the Panama’s boarder are closed to all international travels until June 22 for review.

These measures might have seemed extreme to some, but this stay at home quarantine orders did help slow the spread of Covid 19. At the time of this writing there is only one Covid 19 case on the islands and this patient is in full quarantine in the hospital. In comparison to other countries there would have been a much larger case of Covid 19. We feel that the government of Panamá is doing what they can do to help protect the people within the borders.

Starting June 1st, this extreme stay at home order is being lifted, which means both men and women are permitted to leave their home any day of the week, with a full-face mask, without any restrictions based on gender, passport or ID number. However, there is still a curfew from 7 PM to 5 am requiring that everyone stays in their homes as phase 2 begins towards normalizing the country. The good news during this phase is the accessibility for everyone to surf, swim, and practice other water exercises as long as these activities are done individually and not in groups.  

Even though Panamá borders are currently closed, this should not stop us from planning on well needed vacation to the tropical islands in Bocas del Toro.

Bocas del Toro has everything that someone is looking for on a tropical vacation. Start the day surfing at one of our best and well sought-after surfing beaches from Bluff Beach all the way down to Paunch Beach. Breakfast at one of many over the water restaurants located either in town or maybe one of many of the beach restaurants peppered throughout the islands. In the afternoon either take a relaxing nap in a hammock strong between two palm trees on the beach or go snorkeling at one of our off-island reefs. We also have many dive centers here in Bocas as well is you are looking for something more adventures.

Afterwards take a stroll down our main street and visit many of our local shops and find that little thing to take back home to remind you of better days in better places to reflect on. Many of the local community also visit one of our favorite places for happy hour to watch the sunset with a tropical drink. Then off to dinner, the Caribbean flavored foods to choose from are many. During your vacation here in Bocas del Toro you can visit a new restaurant each night and have a totally new experience at each restaurant.

In the evening, if the nightlife is your scene, there are plenty of disco-tects and street activity happening at night here. The Caribbean nights can get wild and fun with beautiful people from all around the world partying in place. If something more relaxing is your taste again there are quiet places to sit, relax, and listen to the sound of the waves.

This is just some of the many activities a person or a family can do here in Bocas del Toro. During this Covid shutdown, we would encourage you to explore Bocas del Toro from home and seek what Bocas del Toro has to offer. This is the best time to start planning your next trip for the best deals to be made now. The most affordable tropical vacation for families and budget minded traveler can all be found in Bocas.