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Help my Asilo

Help my Asilo

August 11, 2016

I don’t live life on my own terms anymore. When you are committed to a life of service, a life that is simple and direct, you follow the calling.

For four years I volunteered at Casa de Asilo in Bocas Del Toro Panama an elderly nursing home for many without families or loved ones to support them. With 25-40 residents and poorly supported by the government there are many needs. Food, pampers, medical supplies and all the little things that make the residents smile like birthday cakes, batteries for radios. craft supplies and an occasional beer and pizza party.

I am returning to BDT the end of October for 4-5 months and would like to bring as much $$ as I can to have funds for the use of my Asilo Family.

I look at this as an opportunity for my FB world to share the gift of compassion for the Asilo Family and feel as I do, grateful to share. If each of my 2,117 friends donated a dollar I will be able to provide food, pampers, birthday cakes, batteries and all the sundries that the Asilo Family needs to feel loved.

I am planning on going to Bocas the end of October until the middle of March which coincidentally keeps me from New England’s winter. Bless this journey I am on and bless those of you who want to share with the Asilo Family…

Help spread the word!