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Island Fitness a new gym in Bocas! Healthy Tips with Stacey

Island Fitness a new gym in Bocas! Healthy Tips with Stacey

December 31, 2015

As some of you may have already heard…..BOCAS DEL TORO HAS A NEW GYM COMING!!!  Opening 4th January 2016 asked Stacy Pillari for a little for advice for exercising and eating healthy here in Bocas, just in time for high season and all that comes with it.


Stacey Pillari is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and Women’s Physique Competitor.  Coach and Trainer, and Judge for National Physique Committee. She holds certifications in Basic Fitness Training, Sports Conditioning, & Performance Nutrition. She has made the move to Bocas, and with her partners has decided to open a GYM, which is really what the Island need right now.


What the Island Fitness will offer?? She answered on the go, as usual for her, she never stops. With the sparkle in her beautiful blue eyes, “We will offer a variety of classes such as TRX, Insanity, Body Sculpting, Conditioning, Boot camps, and more!  We hope as well to offer a Kids Fit program!  The gym will have free weights, weight machines, and cardio machines, and one-on-one and group personal training. So when the outdoor weather doesn’t allow you to do your exercising in the beauty of Bocas, come inside to our gym and get a great workout!”


This will be the first of many “Health tips” or advice for exercising and eating healthy.


1. Exercising – Bocas can be incredibly hot and humid, making it hard to breath when exercising in the heat of the day. So if running or exercising outside, it’s best to do it as early as possible in the AM or late afternoon/early evening. Enjoy a run on one of our beautiful beaches, but be aware of the sun and the heat! Never run in the middle of the day! And make sure to drink plenty of water!! Stay hydrated, as you will sweat it out more than you can imagine here in Bocas! 


2. Nutrition – In Bocas Del Toro you will find fresh fruits plentiful! Papaya is my number one choice! It has amazing digestive enzymes and tastes wonderful and refreshing. It’s a great source of fiber and even for cleaning your body of unwanted parasites. For breakfast I suggest egg whites with 1 whole egg for the amino benefits and fresh papaya. You can even add some of our locally grown cacao nibs to the papaya for an extra antioxidant and energy boost!


See you in 2 weeks for Blog 2 and two more health and nutrition tips and advice.

In the meantime visit Island Fitness on Facebook page ( for more tips and advice! Stay strong and healthy and enjoy Bocas Del Toro!!!


Happy New Year from Island Fitness and Bocas del Toro Team!!