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Memories of Bocas Town

Memories of Bocas Town

September 18, 2017

On September 23 at 6:00 pm will be held in Isla Colon the presentation of the book Memorias de Bocas Town, its author, Ariel Pérez Price, born in Panama City and parents from Bocas del Toro, wanted to share with us a few words and make a short introduction to his novel.

It was seven years ago that Ariel began an arduous task of investigation based on the figure of his grandfather, José Antonio Price (1890-1951), first physician from Bocas and finally the first Afro-Panamanian physician to obtain a surgeon’s degree within the Republican era.

During his research he found a large amount of highly representative material on the history of Bocas del Toro and the achievements that his grandfather, Dr. Price, had developed throughout his life. “It was obvious from an early moment in the investigation process that he was an exceptional human being, founder of the Republic and whose life trajectory was worth rescuing for the benefit of Bocas del Toro and all Panamanians,” says the author. This led him to write his novel, which he himself defines as a fictionalized biography, stressing that “he could qualify it as creative realism since the vast majority of the facts exposed are in fact proven historical events.”

Memories of Bocas Town recount the life journey of José Antonio Price in parallel and using as context the history of Bocas del Toro. A little known story but that definitely helped to shape the Panamanian nationality in many ways.

The book rescues events and  characters from Bocas that are unknown to most Panamanians. It also identifies sites and places that were the site of important historical events. This is a historical map of the province, one that incorporates characters and events that will surprise many, but that should fill us with pride.” Without a doubt an interesting story for all of us who have the pleasure of enjoying Bocas del Toro and love the beauty and history of this place.

From we consider that events such as this greatly enrich the cultural panorama in the archipelago, and highlight the importance that this province has had and has at national level, as well as the ability to provide great personalities to the world of art and the Panamanian culture. We show up the musician Luis Russell, pioneer and innovator of the Jazz in Panama, or the emblematic journalist and writer Guillermo Sánchez Borbón -Tristán Solarte- who recently visited the island at his 93 years old, making a beautiful tour on the streets that so many stories inspired him. As the author says “The intention is to strengthen the identity of the people from Bocas del Toro, making them understand that our tiny island is a land of great men.”

Finally we want to invite you once again to attend the presentation of the book, September 23 at 6.00pm, where you can share a valuable time with the author and acquire this novel that will transport us to the old times, to share dreams and experiences of the people who made Bocas del Toro the wonderful place that we all enjoy today.