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Music is the answer!!!! Young Talent in Bocas DJ JEANKS!

Music is the answer!!!! Young Talent in Bocas DJ JEANKS!

September 25, 2018

During the last few years of my life I had the opportunity to travel and discover new places in the world. One of the places was Bocas del Toro and right there I decided to spend most of my travel time. But what makes unforgettable in a place is not only its landscapes, but the people who know it and who share the unique things.

Today I have the opportunity and the pleasure of writing about one of those people I met along the way, and who taught me the wonderful life and that Bocas, in particular, is a place where apart of exotic parties and beaches, is also a point of peace, a place to create and focus.

My friend’s passion for the music has no limitations.Whether it’s a beach, a festival, the terraces and bars “up” of Panama City, Jeanks turns music into a sin-phony of acoustic sensations.

Jankarla started making good music for 2011. Initial started as a hobby, however, she quickly realized that it was real and she was happy making people dance and smile. As she tells us, “it all started with the simple act of loving the dance, which is my way of connecting with this energy available to us.” Later, the inner city woke up in wanting to address all this moving mass, and thus, in this way, contribute to create the sincere smiles that music leaves in the heart “.

After several years living and moving through different parts of the country, in 2015 he decided to move to the Panamanian Caribbean, and she chose Bocas del Toro as his destination. The decision to move to Bocas “arises from the need to leave the city, turn the routine and change the whole picture.” […] It was also a way to give me the opportunity to connect with another, more conscious reality. “

Now she has spent a few years on the island and the assessment that she makes of this corner of the Caribbean is very interesting. “There are many points in favor of living on an island […], the first thing is to “tranque”, I use myself to transport and I love that.” Bocas del Toro also gives you the opportunity to “spend the days at the sea or in front of it, breathe a pure air, live simple, conscious and happy, and work in a friendly environment, always connected to the natural source.”

All these points are also key when carrying out your work. Living in Bocas, being able to enjoy and participate in its mix and ethnic diversity, its culture and its people, has also inspired you to be able to create music and transmit it in a sensational way. “Being surrounded and in nature keeps me 100% rooted with my goals, with my love for music, the more I breathe consciously, the more focused on my heart I am” and all this is reflected in her way of being, feeling and live the day-to-day.

When asked about the part she likes most about her work, she again shows us that she herself is a being of light, a transmitter of good energies and that this is what recharges her as well.

“For me, music is everything, it is my tool to connect with every being, it is medicine, always directed from love, it is a massive tool, I live it from the heart and from my feet. Music is the answer … always !!!! “

Finally and to put the final touch we wanted to know a little more about their personal tastes in relation to the islands, those points and magical places that make Bocas del Toro the ideal place to develop her art. So here we go: a place to relax and meditate, it is clear, “Bluff, transport me to the dunes of the desert.” A place to enjoy with friends, “The whole island is to enjoy with friends.” And to end the best place for one of your sessions in Isla Colon “for my style of world deep ethnic progressive house music, and my love for touching the great sun star, I would choose Paki Point, facing the sea, the sun and surrounded by master guides (Garesha, Budha …), now, if you ask me about a place within the whole archipelago, Cayo Zapatilla would be simply magical. “