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Panama can make Surf History!!!

Panama can make Surf History!!!

October 15, 2018

Panama can make surf history!
The next big surfing challenge will be the ISA JR Surfing World Championship in Huntington Beach California from October 25th to November 4th. Panama will be competing against the rest of the world! Young talents from several countries will be present to ride the waves of the California Sea. will be present to bring you all the news about this incredible adventure. The grom of Bocas del Toro, Kai Gale Grani along with Isauro “izzy” Elizondo, from Santa Catalina, Tao Rodriguez from Playa Palmar, will be among the youngest talents who will represent Panama. Still young and in school, they already have a national and international surfing resumé !!
This groms and the other members of the “Team Panama” are all born from the surfing circuit Discovery Surfing Talents, a surfing circuit born in Panama about 8 years ago and created by of Raul Stanford, Denise Gonzales del Pino and other members, for the need to create a space for young surfers and athletes where they could learn more and compete at a International level.
For Kai this will be the third time competing for the world title. He participated in 2015 at only 11 years for the first time ever in California. He has shredded some of the most beautiful waves in the world, including Hawaii, Indonesia, Portugal, Tahiti, Morocco and the same California venue as this competition. He recently returned from the fantastic wave pool of Waco Texas, where he was training for the next competition!
Bocas del Toro has been able to conquer the title as one of the best places in the world to surf with all classes of breaks and waves. From December to April, the island is filled with young and old, women, men, children, beginners and professionals from all over the world looking for their favorite waves. And it is not hard to find in beautiful Bocas del Toro, between Silver Black, Playa Bluff, Paunch, Carenero and other secret spots everyone always finds the perfect wave for themselves.
We sat down with our surfing young talents Kai and Isaurom about their next adventure, another World Cup Surfing Championship. This is what they shared with us:
Kai you started surfing in Bocas very young at 4 years and now you have been able to know the waves of so many different places in the world, even the pool of Waco! What is it that makes you excite more but when you’re surfing at Bocas?
“Surfing with friends, having fun, the water is always very good and the waves are good”

What is your favorite wave?
I have two favorite waves in Bocas, one is Bluff, I like bluff because always when there are no waves elsewhere Bluff is always good, the water is very transparent, it is a beach break and most of the time there are tubes. The other wave that I like is Carenero, I like it because it is a long wave of good quality. I sure have a secret spot in Bocas but I do not know if I’m going to tell you!!!! haha.”

What does it feel like to surf in one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean?
“I love it because nature is always very beautiful, the water is hot and you can always enjoy it with friends.”

On a scale of 1 to 10 internationally, what score would you give to the waves of Bocas?
“I think I would put a 9 to the waves of Bocas, the waves are very good, there is a lot of variety and one always has a good time.”

Are there waves only for professionals or are there waves for all tastes?
“In Bocas there are waves for all tastes, there are waves that are fatter that can be used to learn to surf, there are others more for advanced and pro surfers and that is why now lots of Pro choice Bocas for their video, film and photos. The truth is, Bocas is a paradise for surfers.”
Isauro Elisondo this will be your 4th participation at the ISA Surf World competition, you are from Santa Catalina which boasts one of the most beautiful and powerful waves in Panama,
“Yes, Catalina (Pacific) is my home and also home to one of the best “Rights” in the region!! Is where I love to surf most!”

You also have been surfing internationally and having great results; what do you think of the waves in Bocas del Toro and Santa Catalina has one of the most famous waves in Panama but you really seem to like Bocas as well, how are they different and what are your thoughts on the waves?
“Bocas (Carribbean) is where I have a lot of friends and of course the waves are also really good. The biggest difference between waves is the variety…Bocas has a lot more variety: Paunch, Dumpers, Carenero, and one I want to surf more …Bluff!!! The Caribbean is always different with a defined season…it’s not on all year but when it is it fires.
Looking to spend more time in Bocas with each season.”

What is your feeling going back to California again representing Panama and also compete for Vissla as your principal promoter

“Stoked to be going back to HB for the Vissla 2018 ISA World Jr Surfing Championships …I had a runner up finish in Huntington Beach earlier this year and have made some friends in the area along the way. Representing Panama is always an honor. Just really thankful for the opportunity. Being at home for most of this month has allowed me to really focus and work on the details. I’m bringing my best to HB no question!!!”

So, friends do you think Panama will make history?
Be ready to follow them with us on soon and all our best and good luck to this two young talents!

According the Coach Gari Savedra and the Manager Team Raul Stanford this is the Official List of competitors for Panama are:

U18 boys
1. Luis Carlos Lopez
2. Diego Goldner
3. Elliot Perrochon

U16 boys
1. Tao Rodriguez
2. Isauro Elizondo
3. Kai Gale Grani

U18 Girls
1. Sarah Sanchez
2. Andrea Vlieg

U16 Girls
1. Andrea Vlieg
2. Isabela Goodwin