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April 10, 2018

Panama is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, its fauna and lush landscapes make no one indifferent, but what really make Panama a magical place are its people.

From we want to value and highlight the development of young and Panamanian talents. Boys and girls who live in Bocas and carry out different activities that contribute to enrich the community both artistically and culturally.

Previously we were able to chat with Marcos Alvarez Mayrena, a talented photographer of only 23 years old, today we had the opportunity to talk with Nery Caballero, a Panamanian girl that four years ago discovered her love for photography and since then she has not stopped training and growing professionally. “Bocas del Toro was very influential in my interest, to see the beauty around me, it causes me a lot to capture and share it,” she tells us.

Nery met Bocas del Toro for the first time in 2006, but it was not until 2013 when she moved definitively. Originally from Panama City, she was looking for a more tranquil life, and as she affirms, “in Bocas I found it”.

Besides developing the immense talent, here she can enjoy every day of endless activities, and Nery does not hesitate to name some of his favorites: “explore the jungle, relax on an exotic beach, diving, go dancing …” There is always something to do, but what we like the most, and that demonstrates the commitment of many young people to the care and protection of the islands, is to”participate in community activities”. Bocas del Toro is a wonderful place, but there are still many things that can and should be improved, activities such as beach cleaning, garbage collection, charity auctions … favor and enhance the sustainable growth of the islands and the best way to get involved in this, is to participate actively in the different events that take place.

We also wanted to know what inspires her most in the islands when it comes to carrying out his work, and he has left us some very interesting answers in relation to the life of Bocas, “something that inspires me is the unpredictable change, the islands always have something new every day, new people, new stories; it is a place of many parallel realities, what is today, tomorrow can be something totally different “, and this for someone who lives and enjoys after the objective of a camera is very interesting.

Finally we have asked for her personal tastes. If you have to choose a place to relax and meditate, she left with the immensity of Bluff Beach, if it is a matter of having fun among friends, almost any place in the archipelago is good “Paki Point, Mamallena, La Iguana, The Bookstore , Island Plantation …” and finally we asked her about the perfect photography session, she does not doubt  “September, underwater! “

From we want to thank and congratulate Nery for her work and positive energy in the islands, and above all we want to continue encouraging young talents to keep growing and showing their work, as they make Bocas del Toro an increasingly cultural place , more diverse, more clean and enriched, a better place for all to enjoy.

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