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Red Frog Beach Island Resort: Conservation of Environment & Energy in Panama

Red Frog Beach Island Resort: Conservation of Environment & Energy in Panama

May 20, 2020

Red Frog Beach Island Resort & Spa is the only resort in Panama to be Green Globe Certified.

In order to achieve a Green Globe Certification, businesses must document and demonstrate sustainable operation and management. The Green Globe Certification recognizes the great efforts that Red Frog Beach Island Resort has put towards making sustainability a priority; the certification comprehensively addresses not only how the resort treats surrounding natural resources but also evaluates the effects that the resort has on the social fabric of local communities. Not only is Red Frog Beach a leader in sustainability, the resort is also one of the largest employers in the region.


Red Frog Beach Island Resort has demonstrated for three years now that they have remained the leading resort in sustainability in Panama. Over 380 Green Globe auditors monitor an extensive list of more than 340 criteria in the following categories: sustainable management, social and economic elements, cultural heritage and environmental practice, and Red Frog

Beach has proved that they have put in significant effort and focus on the resort’s role in the island’s sustainability.


With the implementation of multiple projects focused on sustaining and restoring the natural beauty of the island, Red Frog Beach is a leading player in sustainability in the tourism industry.

The resort has played a successful role in restoring the beauty of the island – there are more trees and vegetation on the island today than before the resort was built. In 2016, the resort installed 193kW centralized solar power system on the property, making the resort one of the largest island resort solar power plants in the world. Furthermore, Red Frog Beach is credited with reforesting a large portion of the island that was previously damaged due to cattle grazing.

The resort’s CEO Joe Haley states that “We believe everyone who visits our island-resort will have a unique experience with nature, and we are committed to ensuring future generations have the same experience.”