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Red Frog Beach Resort Villas, Bastamientos, Panama

Red Frog Beach Resort Villas, Bastamientos, Panama

July 7, 2016

On my last article, I shared the journey on how to get to the tropical paradise at the Red Frog Beach Resort.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 329

As we walked down the walkway to check in, it was a very unique feeling to be entering this lush rain forest, and then we saw the Red Frog Beach Resort sign hung under a thatched roof at the beautiful reception area. This is an open-air area.  Gorgeous floors, fans, a flat screen TV with videos of the property and a sitting area.  There are also two desks on either side of this large “room”, one is dedicated to activities and the other for check in.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 330May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 334

Check-in was very simple, and after a short explanation of which activities are available, we were on our way to our Villa.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise now about the activities at the resort and am excited to share some of the activities in future articles.  Be looking out for those in the weeks to come!

Our magic villa number was 62.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 310


Joel drove us on an electric golf cart to the Villa. On our way, he stopped to show us the sloth. I had never seen one…It was wonderful to see animals in the wild nature just there hanging out in the trees.  It was mostly a dirt road leading to the villa but there are plans to pave it.  I actually like the dirt road as it makes you feel closer to nature.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 311May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 305We crossed the island and drove within view of the Gulf Of Mexico.  We continued our journey through this amazing natural landscape and after about ten minutes, we made it up the hill to our villa. I did not expect such a beautiful villa in the middle of the jungle. The driveway was made of red pavers which were crafted right here on the island.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 297

The villa had dark mocha, large double doors that make you feel like you are entering an old castle, taking you to a different era.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 172

As I passed through the doors, I was pleasantly surprised to see the floor plan was extremely open! The ceilings are high, making every room feel even more spacious. A beautifully equipped and modern kitchen including dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, coffee machine and everything you need to cook, is available to you!!  All the rooms, including the bedrooms are located on one level, which was great.  We were given a three bedroom villa, which is absolutely perfect for a family who may want to spend time on vacation together but also want to have some privacy.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 136  May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 123 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 121

The attention to detail is what I loved about this place…in the kitchen coffee filters were available for me to make coffee. Dish detergent, paper towels and trash bags were also provided. Small things, but things that make our life a lot better when we don’t have to buy them in town.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 206May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 217May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 253

The kitchen, with a counter bar, was open to the living room which had a large flat screen television that has access to dozens of channels, thanks to satellite television.  The television was never turned on during our stay, which is normal for me, as I usually do not watch it, but the music was never on either… we preferred listening to the waves, birds and animals.  It was like having a spa CD playing at all times in the background.  The kitchen has very modern lights above the bar, making it inviting to make a cocktail and enjoy an evening in. You can then move to the gorgeous solid wood dining room table that is available for you to use. For those of you that know that I am a foodie…It was a pleasure to have elegant plates that are white.  There was also plenty of nice glassware! It was a pleasure to cook a few meals over the four days we were here, as the cookware was in very good condition and it is always fun to plate when I have worthy plates on which to serve my food.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 200May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 195May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 196May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 189

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 183

Each bedroom is beautifully decorated and modern.  You step down three tiled stairs into the sunken master bedroom, which is nicely appointed! You are led to the magnificent dark wood headboard, queen size bed, matching side tables and gorgeous lamps and a very big mirror above the dresser.  The master bedroom also has private access to the beautiful terrace on the rear of the villa.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 141 

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 148May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 159

The master bedroom has a private bathroom. As you enter the gorgeous dark wood door to enjoy a sink where products including coconut soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion are at your disposal.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 154 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 158 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 153

The two other bedrooms, one king and one queen are equally beautiful. The wonderful thing about each of the villas you rent on the island, is that each have separate air conditioning units in each bedroom, which means you can control the temperature of each room independent of the rest of the villa!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 164 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 175 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 173 



May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 177

Nothing in this villa is overlooked! For example, instead of carpet, there are ceramic tiles on all the floors to help keep the villa cool, as it is pretty hot and humid.

I loved the fact that there are glass French doors off the dining room and the master bedroom which lead to a large wrap-around terrace.  It is adorned with gorgeous upscale wicker and green furniture….waiting for the next visitor to sit down and read a book, take a nap or have great conversations on while listening to the sounds of the rainforest.

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 212

As a matter of fact, I am writing this article sitting on the terrace with the view of the incredible palm trees filled with coconuts, right in front of me.  Not only do I hear the very relaxing sound of the ocean in the background, but the birds chirping, the monkeys playing on tress, and the view of the water. It sounds like a movie, I know, but I took photos to assure you it is not. I wish I could bottle the smell of the hibiscus which look nothing like the ones I planted in my yard, as well as all the wonderful smells of all the plants! This place tease all of your five senses!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 252May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 160

You would think at this point that nothing else can amaze us…well we were in for a surprise. we strolled the four steps down from the tiled porch, to discover the beautiful yard of small, medium and large palm trees, hibiscus, and many other plants of which I am not familiar.  I am led to another four steps and a short tiled walkway, to an outdoor table that sits four people comfortably and a private pool! Yes you heard correctly! As a matter fact,  each villa on the Red Frog Beach Resort has its own private pool. What a delight to jump in the pool at anytime you want!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 216 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 219 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 223 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 231 May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 249May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 233

What a perfect set up for a writer to be inspired, a romantic couple looking for privacy or a family that may want to relax but also need their children to be entertained!

May_2016_Iphone_Panama_Red_frog_beach_resort_Sunday - 275