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Rock the Ribbon world aids day

Rock the Ribbon world aids day

December 1, 2018

Today, from, we want to give vision to a campaign that is being carried out during these days in our archipelago. For some time, The Darklands Foundation, has developed a program that works directly on the HIV, a disease that has been affecting more significantly, and especially the indigenous communities of the province of Bocas del Toro in recent years and that undoubtedly is a problem that should be treated globally. We believe that it is really important to support, publicize and, as far as possible, finance this campaign, because it focuses on an issue that seriously affects part of our community.

We have had the opportunity to speak with one of the people who has launched this initiative, Mathilde Matilda Grand, who has left us some data that can be very relevant in this regard.

“Since 2015 AIDS/HIV has become a real health issue in the province of Bocas del Toro. The increase in this disease particularly affects our indigenous communities. The Darklands Foundation is continually in the field witnessing first hand the toll the disease  takes. We have already lost two cacao producers”.

This last data is just an example of how this disease directly affects families in our archipelago, and it is everyone’s responsibility to find strategies and means that can help find a solution as effective as possible.

“The Darklands Foundation will present the first AIDS campaign in our Archipelago to raise awareness and provide wide spread education about the disease.  Our Red Ribbon  campaign for WORLD AIDS DAY helps us to support the Foundation’s seminar and workshop on AIDS/HIV to be held on December 1 for our indigenous communities. We have previously included the theme of this disease in our general health seminars and will continue to do so.  We believe in the necessity of proximity for this AIDS campaign -speaking directly to our community residents. Your financial support helps the Foundation stay in the field where we can best serve the Ngabe indigenous of Bocas del Toro”.


From we want to support this campaign and thank The Darklands Foundation for the work done in this, and all other projects carried out. We also take the opportunity to inform of the points where they can acquire the Red Ribbon in Isla Colon, and in this way, give support to this important initiative: