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The Dream Goes Global! Plastic Bottle Village’s Newest Initiative

The Dream Goes Global! Plastic Bottle Village’s Newest Initiative

September 25, 2017

It has been nearly 2 years since broke the story of The Plastic Bottle Village in Bocas del Toro, Panama. In our article titled From Dream to Reality; One Man’s War  we told you about an ingenious man Robert Bezeau, who imagined a world where single use plastic bottles found their way into the walls of homes rather than being tossed into the sea, the jungle or the landfills of our planet.

Starting as a literal dream, Robert invented a way where structures could be built utilizing plastic bottles as the insulation. During the first interview he gave to a news outlet (this website) he told us that it was not only in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama that he wanted to see this dream become reality, but he wanted to bring it to the entire world. He wants to eradicate the impact that these items have on the beautiful balance of nature and man.

Now that the Plastic Bottle Village, which started as one model home nestled among the jungle trails, has grown into houses, castles and garden walls and has been featured in numerous international news forums, the next step has started, and he has contacted us to be the exclusive outlet to announce the newest phase of that dream.

Beginning this month Robert takes his dream globally through an incentive taking place on the islands of Bocas del Toro whose beautiful turquoise sea, super surfing waves, romance and tranquility bring thousands upon thousands of visitors each year. Every one of those visitors consumes more than a few bottles of water each day. What Robert wants these visitors to understand is that each time they purchase a bottle it becomes their property, and it is essential for the delicate ecosystem of the area that these bottles are disposed of properly.  His new initiative creates a way for everybody to benefit from the purchase of “global footprint” stickers.

For a small contribution to the PBV initiative, a set of 25 stickers can be obtained in order for the consumer to attach to the bottles they use.  Once that sticker is on the bottle it becomes a form of currency and serves as an incentive for those stray bottles to be picked up and delivered to the Plastic Bottle Village in exchange for 5 cents each. It is a win/win for every person, every plant and every animal in the island paradise. Please take a look at the attached official PBV flyer explaining the program in more detail.

 All of us are super excited about this program, including Robert himself since all of the extra proceeds will go to fund the expansion of his dream. He told us, “Please note that nothing is for sale. The stickers are available to whoever wants to make a contribution to my cause. My cause is to have qualified teams of 3 people that will travel to Haiti, Africa, and other parts of the world, to teach them how to reuse PET bottles in construction. The revenues from the stickers will hopefully contribute to cover the travelling expenses of these teams.” It is an adventurous endeavor and one that is born from the heart of a guy who wants to see a beautiful planet remaining for the children of earth.

While you are on your next holiday to our amazing little island towns, please look in the shops for the opportunity to purchase these stickers.  Help everyone reduce the carbon footprints they leave behind, so that the little pieces of heaven on earth like beautiful Bocas del Toro, are here for future generations to enjoy!